A lesson I have learned...

I discovered a harsh reality when posting about my personal life, my random thoughts, and my experiences online. Someone is going to get offended. I never meant to offend anyone, but I don't like being told to remove my content because someone found it offensive. If you don't like what I have to say then stop reading. To that particular someone who I am speaking to, and you know who you are, I was very careful to keep your business your business. Yes, I referenced to something you want to keep personal, but I never posted a name. The only reader who knew who I was writing about was you. If I were to post something revealing about myself, my sister, my mother, or my friend it would have been ok for you. It's when it hits a little too close to home that you get offended. Just keep in mind that I was not being judgmental, I never said it was bad, and I never said it was wrong. I was simply pointing out odd occurrences. If I were to cut out everything that I thought could be offensive to someone I would have nothing to write about. So, like I said, if you find my content offensive don't read it. I will maintain a certain level of privacy for those around me if you can respect my freedom to write what is on my mind.

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