You're never safe in Fargo, ND...

So, vacation is over, my relationship with Michael is over, and apparently, so is my good rapor with the crew scheduling guys.

I've been back to working reserve five days, and I have been stuck flying all five of those days! But I ran into my buddy Enrique and he's been on reserve all month and hasn't flown once...

Damn that island monkey!

Ok, I'm not racist, I'm just a little sad I have to go to Fargo today. Fargo is cold, and cold, and did I mention cold? Because it is very very cold. Plus, I still have to blog to you all about my fantastic vacation, meeting Heather Armstrong, and "the Break up". Did you know men don't like it when you tell them to man up on your blog? Well they don't, and I just don't give a damn!

I hope those Levees hold, I don't want to get stuck there like my baby sister was last month!

Anyways, I "should" be back tomorrow, at which time I "will" get around to posting lots of silly pictures of me and other various drunk people.

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