in the world of blogging...

I've been picking up on a few new blogs, and I have to admit, I have a bit of a crush on Lozo. He's funny and witty, and undeniably cocky, and I may just start stalking him on MySpace (where he was nice enough to give me the second spot on his friends list). I get the feelings this has something to do with my hot profile picture, and nothing at all to do with him thinking I am the second coolest person he knows on the net. But whatever, I am so cool. Anyways, I've added his site to my blog list, so check him out.

And though you guys may not care, one of my favorite and boldest British lady bloggers, Girl With a One Track Mind has announced she loves New York City so much she plans to make the great migration across the Atlantic ocean to join us here with our Ford Rangers and freedom of speech. I can't wait. Maybe some day I'll get to met her.

One other lady blogger I would love to cross paths with is Heather B. Armstrong of Dooce, who recently won several awards in the 2008 Bloggie awards, including best American weblog and weblog of the year. Go Heather!

And now, back to the weather...

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