I'm out of disk space in my brain...

If you were to ask me how I was doing, ask me what's up, how life is treating me? I'd be very likely to crumble to the ground and scream like that crazy lady who often stands naked on Colfax yelling at the buses. The thing is, I'm afraid my brain pushed out all my knowledge about sanity and how to properly handle stress so it could make room for all this airline industry information.

I'm not sure if I am trading up or trading down. And why can't I forget the useless things like my ex-boyfriend's phone number, or the address of that crappy apartment in California that I grew up in? I mean, those bits of information are useless to me, but I fear my sanity and stress coping skills may be needed again some day.

Either I have a small brain or.... Ok, I must just have a small brain.


Historical Wit said...

You have been hit with a six word mission. Check out the post on my blog. S

Anonymous said...

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