I heart country...

I have been one busy girl. These slave drivers here at Sun are slamming me with work; it's a bottomless pit of fucked up serial numbers. On top of all this I have been victim to one hard core cold, it's totally owned me. And, I've been a busy bee getting everything prepared for Shawna and her new book project I will be working with her on. I'll tell you more about that after we meet Sunday. Until then, bare with me. In the mean time, I'll be working my ass off and jamming away to some country music. You may be asking "why country, Tamy?"

Because, one of my boss' here at Sun happens to be in a country band. If you were to meet him you'd never guess. He looks more like one of those Boulder hippies who rocks out to Sublime while passing the joint in "the circle", but no. And if I hadn't known it was him on the CD, I never would have guessed it. I wonder, does he pimp out in cowboy boots and a ten gallon hat when he gets on stage? This, I would pay to see.

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Historical Wit said...

Yeah, I know this girl that works as a biochemist in this lab but on the weekends does local porn. It is really amazing she hasn't been outted yet. She doesn't care tho. You just can't judge a book by the cover.