Woah! That will get me fired!

So there I was at work, doing a little personal research on company time, searching for articles about the female genitalia on Wikipedia. I put the word "vagina" into the search field and next thing you know I have a photograph of a vagina on my screen.

That, I was not expecting!

I was expecting the typical high school sex-ed drawing of a ladies good bits, with some numbers and arrows pointing to the clitoris and such. But no, it was a real vagina with fingers touching it. It almost looked like porn. It was even shaved clean and a bit moist, if ya know what I mean.

Did I mention I was at work? Couldn't they have given me a little warning? Are they even legally allowed to do that? I thought if you wanted to show some crotch online it had to be an 18+ site. Does that rule not apply to everyone? Can I put a picture of my vagina on my blog? Hmmm...

I wonder if that girl knows her vagina is on Wikipedia? Do you suppose she is proud of it? Can you imagine how many people search the word "vagina" on Wikipedia and see hers staring back at you? She must have one of the most famous vaginas in the whole world, right after Paris Hilton's and Jenna Jameson's vaginas.

I wonder what will happen if I search the word "penis"?

From now on I know where I am going for my free porn.


Anonymous said...

lol at the porn on wikipedia, I had to search penis on there after you said that and I was not expecting to see an erect one on there!!

Weenit said...

Not only is it erect, but their are two of them! One uncircumcised. When I discovered that I promptly directed my sister to it so she could finaly see what one looked like.