Why am I such an idiot?

No, I do not want you to answer that.

but seriously now, I've been known to be a bit of a space cadet. I loose things, confuse things, and forget other things. Like yesterday, remember how I got locked out of my house at six in the morning because I had the wrong key? Well, when I found the right key I made a point to put it in my backpack so I would be sure not to get locked out after work. Then, I made a point to tell myself over and over through out the day to put that key from my backpack into my purse. And guess what, I forgot.

SO, once again at some ungodly hour of the morning I found myself locked out of the house again, in a pair of stiletto heels, and stinking of , well never mind that...

So again I had to wake my sister up so she could let me in, and boy was she pissed. I don't know how Dan wakes up next to her every morning; maybe it's the high dose of Valium. Although, I can't blame her for being annoyed. I would be too if my airhead of a sister locked her self out of the house twice in a row and I had to climb my ass out of bed to help her.

I think my problem with remembering my key is that I am not use to the door of my mothers house being locked. So naturally, the last thing on my mind is remembering to grab that friggin' key before I run off to Mack's house for the night. But no worries, I have a fail proof solution, belly button piercing key chain! Now, I just have to make sure my belly can reach the door knob.

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