What the hell is wrong with me?

I just caught myself doing something I never do, ever! I was listening to Mack's voice mail and caught myself thinking, "Awe, he's so cute." and then suddenly I felt all silly and giggly.

And then I slammed down the phone, sat way back in my chair while slapping myself and said loudly like a crazy person, "What the hell is wrong with you Tamy?"

Cute? I never think anything is cute, ever. In fact, there may have been times when that word has actually made me sick, and watching other people thinking something is cute is like making me watch football but without hot men in spandex. Is this what happens when you like a person, you start thinking things are cute? Am I going to start telling bored housewives how cute their babies are on the sidewalk? Will I stand in awe at the cuteness of all the puppies in the window of a pet store? That's it, I need to go watch some bloody zombies movies, and quick...

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