Weenit's conversation of the day...

My sisters Raquel, Mindy, and their husbands Ron and Dan, and myself were driving back from Greeley after having lunch with my grandfather. we drove past an old farmhouse that had a sign outside that "Palm reading, five dollars."

With a car full of my siblings, can't you imagine the mockery?

Raquel: "Lets go get our palms read."

Mindy (as she points to a long line in her hand): "I don't need to have my palms read, I already know they will tell me my husband will be a pain in my ass for the rest of my life."

Dan: "Yeah, well they would just tell me my wife's ass will keep bigger every year of my life."

Mindy (as she smacks Dan): "Baby!"

Dan (laughing and giving her the eating shit grin): "What? It's the best investment I have; I get a ten percent increase in growth every year!"

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