Be afraid, be very afraid...

I just spent two hours zoning out into random dream sequences while we had a meeting. And now I have to go sit in an office with the world's scariest boss ever, and show her what I remember from the meeting. Damn, if only Vin Diesel didn't have such a fine ass I could have concentrated on the presentation and not my X rated fantasies about rubbing up on it.

Damn you Vin Diesel and your perfect ass!

I can't lie, this lady scares me, and not just because she always looks like she got dressed in the dark. She is mean, and when you combine mean with a bad Christmas sweater worn in February it equals me being seriously distracted by miniature snowmen decals while I get my ass verbally assaulted because I don't know what the hell I am doing. Who wears ugly Christmas sweaters, and in February? I thought those things were around just to take up space in your closet and remind you how much the giver of that sweater really hates you.

And now the heat is on. Our little vacation here at Sun is over and the work is flowing in like a tsunami on Japan, and here I am without a raft, Holy ugly Christmas sweater! I better clean up my dirty mind, get myself some damn ginseng, and take some notes.

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