Talking to the ex-boyfriend...

I have accomplished nothing productive today, and there are so many productive things to be done. A.J. offered to pay me fifty bucks to do the dishes that he has managed to dirty in the last two weeks and not clean. After stepping into the kitchen and taking a good look at those dishes I changed my mind, it's just not worth fifty bucks. I also need to get some packing done, and have I told you how much I hate packing? No? Don't worry, there is not enough space in cyber-world to tell you how much I hate packing. The only thing I have done today was have an instant message conversation with the ex-boyfriend.

Hi Christopher!

It was an unusually pleasant conversation considering the history of our conversations. He also pointed out that he had become the butt of many of my blogs on this page. It's true, I have written many mean things about him here, but in my defense every thing I have ever written on this website is true! Everything! Because, unlike most every other blogger, I am never sarcastic! Never! I don't exaggerate, I don't make shit up for the sake of amusement, and I would certainly never bend the truth. Got that?

And really, Christopher was quite the ass.

What? I'm just trying to keep the tradition alive. Some how I sense some of you don't get the sarcasm. Oh, that's right, I'm never sarcastic on this blog.

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