The curse....

My curse has struck again. I woke up this morning with snot pouring out of my nose, my head is pounding, my throat is raw and so sore swallowing is agonizing. Did I mention my son is forcing me to watch Barney on top of it all? If I could move up off this couch without inducing a series of aches and pains I would, but since I can't I am forced to look at this big, stupid, purple dinosaur. Who ever thought of such a thing? Someone please tell me so I can go find him and shoot him! I do believe this cold came from Bobby, so Bobby should start praying I am over this cold in the next two days before I leave to Cancun. This will be my first, and quite possibly only completely relaxing, sunny, relaxing, free, relaxing, and did I mention free, trip. I don't want to be shacked up in my hotel room the whole time sipping on warm tea when there are unlimited amounts of margaritas to drink and cute cabana boys to flirt with.

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