They got me!

I knew this would happen, but I didn't think my family would recruit my bartender! To make a long story short, Nick (the bartender from the bar next door to where I work) came in and ordered a pizza. He comes back ten minutes later and asks me to come next door because he wanted to "show me something." In the past that was always his way of saying, "Hey, thanks for the free pizza, come next door for a sec and I'll give ya a free shot."

With a smile on my face I marched next door, only to find that he wanted to show me the band aid he found in his pizza. I can only imagine the look of disgust that took over my face as I apologized. You want to know the worst part? Just as I realized this could be an april fools joke my entire family jumped up around me and yelled, "April fools."

Ok, so they have done better, but you never think your own bartender will turn on you until he does, and that day is a very sad and dark day.

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