Hollywood, lets have a talk...

When it comes to movies there are two things I love, two things that will bring be back to the theater over and over again. Those two things are Zombies (the grosser the better) and studly badasses with complete disregard for human life (think Vid Diesel in Riddick). So I have a suggestion, why not combine the two? I mean, it's not nearly as dumb as tossing skinny white girls in mini skirts with big guns into a crowd of zombies. And think of the prospective customers! Women from all across the country would swarm to a theater near them to catch sight of their dreamy badass laying it into the rotten cranium of a herpes infested zombie; I know I would. And you know what would be even better? If he dies in the end! That will make the ladies cry, except for me, I'm not a pussy like that.

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