Men of Children...

First of all, I would like to say wow, amazing movie. And as my sister pointed out, they managed to make the most realistic fake birth I have ever seen in a movie. My next question would be, how would she know? It's not like she has ever given birth her self, or seen it in person. But really, it is a great movie. I have just one question, and remember Hollywood, I have money on this one. Can some one who had anything to do with the production of the movie tell me what the hell is up with the ending? Is it some sort of crule joke the producers are playing on us? Or did the budget run low, you ran out of film, and thought, "What the hell, lets just end it here! saves us a trip to the film shop, and twenty pounds."
Come on now really, I was left feeling like there should have been something more to the end. I need to be reassured that boat wasn't the British police, or some alternative political party, or God forbid dirty fisherman.

Why do I get the feeling someone somewhere is getting a good laugh out of this?

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