The one word that would forever change my life...

I remember the first time I ever heard it, I was standing on the stairs of our California apartment looking down at the television. My sister and at the time stepfather were watching one of those science channel shows. The host was quite ecstatic about the topic and went on and on about how it will change the world we live in. She said we would be able to use our home computers to talk to people on the other side of the world, shop, do research, and even send mail. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, she was talking about the internet. I remember my exact response, "Yeah right, how is that even possible?"
So now it's obvious that as a child I had no imagination, but thank God I was wrong. with out instant horoscopes, instant messenger, email, myspace, blogs, E-bay, and Google, how would I ever make it in this world?

Ah, that's right, I would still be that weird kid who spends her Saturday night reading long-winded romance novels after organizing my sock drawer and dusting the tops of every picture frame in the house.

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