Strip clubs and step-dads (in my case the ex step-dad)

Recently, I made a stop at my local strip joint to have some lunch and fill out an application for a possible opening as a cocktail waitress. While I was there I noticed out of the corner of my eye a familiar face. I had to do a double take just to make sure it really was the spawn of Satan right there in MY strip club looking at MY strippers. Let me tell you, there is something so awkward about your ex step-dad catching you in a topless bar drinking alcohol, eating lunch, filling out an application, and looking at boobs. Suddenly my mind turned back into that innocent, prude, shy, and good little girl my ex step-dad last knew me as. I suddenly felt like at my moment he was going to come over and ground me to my room for a week, or knock me around the club. The last would have been more in his nature. It did, however, feel great to know he had no control over me, I could have gotten up on stage and ripped off my own clothes and there would have been nothing he could do about it. Security, however, could and probably would have done something.

I really wanted to go over and plant a luggie on his face, or maybe kick him in the nut sack for payback of ten years abuse. I quickly realized one quick kick or spit would never be enough to avenge my anger, and I doubt it would help get me a job. I kept quiet with my back turned to him wishing he would not notice me. My lack of confrontation left me feeling a bit congested with a few things I would really love to say to my ex step-dad...

To Leo (aka the spawn of Satan)

For starters, it really is time to retire that T-shirt. Isn't that ugly thing about as old as your addiction to porn? And by the way, you still look exactly the same, plus fifty pounds. Don't worry; I am sure your new wife Kiersten loves her men chubby. Where is Kiersten anyway? Does she know what you like to do with your Monday afternoons? If only she could have been there to see that smile grow across your lips as that stripper thrust her boobs into your face and rubbed the back of her neck on your shoulder. I wonder if she would have had the same vomit inducing reaction I did. Also, keep your hands off my strippers! It’s just too creepy to watch you desire girls as young as I am. It's feels like molestation. Oh, and you are still not off the hook with the whole luggie in your drink thing. Some day, some where, some how I will get you...

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