Look, there are gullibles on the ceiling...

I remember a better time when children were easily convinced of anything. Today, times have changed. While I was trying to trick my son into taking a bath we had this conversation:

Me: James, the turtle is talking to me. He says you need to go take a bath.

James: (First of all woman) he's my turtle, and he does not talk to you.

Me: Yes he does and he says you need a bath.

James: Rolls his eyes No Mommy, turtles don't talk!

Me: Yes they do.

James: Mommy, MY turtle says you need to leave me alone. I don't need a bath!

When did I loose the upper hand?

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mvs said...

hmmmm, i dunno sweetie, sounds like normal son/mother conversation (coming from experience) to me. it may just get worse from here as he goes through adolesence. heh, i'm kidding, that was cute! just hope it really doesn't get worse, right? then you're in for it! ciao B!