New beginnings, complete!

It's official. I am now a city girl. Goodbye suburbia. I love my new apartment, I love my new home, and I really love my new job. Sometimes living alone gets a bit lonely, but I will get used to it, I mean, how difficult can it possibly be to have your own space? The funny truth is I remember being a little girl and imagining the day I would live alone. I remember thinking how scared I would be, but it's not scary at all. It also helps that I now live in the best city in the world and my new apartment is only blocks away from many of my favorite places. I'm so close to work I can walk there in less time than it takes to blow my nose. Now I think it's time I get a dog so I have a good reason to walk around town in the middle of the day, the company would also help me from loosing my mind.

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