Mer baby, this one is for you...

If there were a handbook on kissing the number one rule in that handbook would be that kissing and excessive amounts of alcohol don't mix. I think this may also be the one rule people would break the most because, of course, what fun would it be to get drunk if you cant swap spit with your bar neighbor. But really, have you ever been to that point of drunkenness where the world spins if you close your eyes? And what is the most important thing for you to do when kissing? That’s right, you close your eyes. So imagine yourself kissing someone and suddenly thinking, "I need to stop kissing you, I am going to vomit." It's definitely a though you want to keep to yourself because your partner might take it the wrong way. You could always open your eyes, but that is not a very pleasant view to have when locking lips, and what if the other person opens their eyes as well? Then you’re stuck in an incredibly awkward moment as though you have just been caught peaking through the keyhole. We are all better off staying inhibited when we're inebriated. What am I lecturing about? If this were against the law I'd be serving life without parole.

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