Gotta love Google!

My mother has never had much luck with men, unless of course it's bad luck. Apparently, my sisters are not much better and finding her a date, but they have both tried. Raquel matched mom up with what I like to call a pathological liar on the verge of child molestation. Mindy managed to top Raquel by matching mom up with an attempted murder who tried to kill his wife when she tried to divorce him. He spent three years in a mental institute. My sister's manager discovered this when she Googled his name. He mentioned his stay at the institute during their date but forgot to mention the part where he tried to slice his wife up. It's obvious neither of them have good judgment of character; and I am not even going to try.

On a less serious note, I found this picture on my friend's myspace page and thought it was absolutely hilarious.

Ha Ha HA!

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