And then he fead me a steaming pile of shit...

You say you were at a bar with a girl I have never heard of before, a girl that lives up north, she is obviously a new girl. Then you tell me because you were at the bar with this new girl you couldn't go talk to that little hottie you noticed across the way. You swear you two are friends, so why would it matter if you talked to another girl? Don't give me that bullshit, your meeting with this new girl was a little more than friendly, just admit it. I know you, and I know you well. If you were just hanging out as friends you would not have had any problem saying hello to the pretty girl. I also can't imagine that you would drive all the way up north to be the sober one at the bar, then drive back, just for a friend. It may hurt, but our relationship is over and you moving on is something I have to handle. Just don't drunk dial me while your dating other girls, I'm not a toy.

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